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How We Scaled 10.42X ROAS, with a Conversion Value of $53k by Spending $5k Using Facebook Ads for a Footwear Company

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When doing business, growth and generating revenues are the things that people work for. Recently, I helped a footwear business earn the dream revenue that they wanted to gain within a short time. 

The client has been trying to make a profit for a long time, spending big budgets without any results. I deeply analyzed every activity of the business and found out their lackings. 

Then I sat and opened my diary of cracking million-dollar strategies, and listed out what needed to be done. Started IMPLEMENTING the secret techniques that I have been using to help my previous clients. 

Want to know what happened then? KEEP READING!!! ✌️✌️✌️

How We Skyrocketed the Footwear Company’s ROAS to 10.42x with Just Spending $5k on Facebook Ads?

We used our Three Top Tiered Approach – 

  1. TOFU
  2. MOFU 
  3. BOFU 

Time To Reveal Our Proven Skyrocket Methodologies

🚀 TOFU - Top of Funnel

The objective of TOFU is to reach a mass audience and ignite awareness. Here we targeted individuals who had never encountered a specific brand before. 

By severe hunting, we maximized exposure and raised awareness significantly. 

The majority of our budget was strategically allocated here, ensuring the brand reached as many potential customers as possible.

🚀MOFU - Middle of Funnel

The objective of MOFU is to provide information to the target audience and nudge their interest. Here, the actual thing is we target the people who are familiar with the brand, but not yet ready to purchase. 


We strategically provided information via multiple content, to motivate them towards the conversion. The ads worked as a bridge between awareness and consideration in this case. More like a guide for the audience and helps them to make decisions. 

🚀BOFU - Bottom of Funnel

Lastly, the objective of BOFU is to close deals with customers who are completely ready to buy from the business. 

The number of people in this funnel is small because it is highly targeted and product-focused ads. These ads are very powerful because the extra push always converts leads to satisfied customers. 

Why We Used These Strategies For The Footwear Company?

No matter what, we always focus on two things which are – 

🎯 Advanced Optimized Techniques 

🎯 Metrics-Driven Decision Making

🔥 Reasons why we highly focus on these two matters are – 

🎯 We believe that creating dynamic ads tailored to the behavior and preferences of the target audience creates a personalized journey.  It helps to make each interaction more meaningful and increases the likelihood of conversion.

🎯 We leverage the power of lookalike audiences. Our experts identify and target individuals similar to the most valuable customers. This approach expands our reach while maintaining relevance, a crucial factor in achieving such exceptional results.

🎯 Our campaigns are optimized for various devices. Whether users are on desktop, mobile, or tablet, the experience remains consistent and conversion-friendly.

🎯 Continuous monitoring of performance metrics allows us to identify trends and make data-backed decisions swiftly. A/B testing, ad rotation, and bid adjustments are part of our arsenal for constant optimization.

Things We Kept In Our Mind…

🔥Ad quality was the top priority. 

🔥Researching deeply on the target audience. 

🔥We attracted the targeted customers using their local language. 

🔥We took care of the culture of the target audience. 

🔥Last but not least, testing again and again is something that helped us to generate this much amount. 

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